Our passion and story begins in Nicaragua, the home and birthplace of Santa Lucia's coffee and founder, William Gutierrez. Nicaragua, a beautiful country known for grand volcanoes, incredible surf, and amazing agriculture, produces some of the finest coffee beans which have become the foundation of Santa Lucia's coffee program. Beans from high in the mountains lead to a low acidity and a pure, bold flavor which makes Santa Lucia Coffee exceptionally easy to drink. 

These 100% Arabica beans have passed the test of time. We work hands on to source our product from this Central American country’s beautiful high mountain regions which make for perfect coffee growth and harvesting. The climate of these high mountain rain forests provides the shade necessary to nurture and develop healthy coffee cherries. Soil in these mountain climates is rich in minerals which helps generate amazingly consistent crops year after year.

Thanks to traceability to the source farm, beautiful shade to grow, hand washing, sorting and patio drying, these coffee beans are made sustainably prior to traveling to the US to be roasted. During the procurement process, we select and only use the top 20-25% beans available. These beans are selected by size, shape, and humidity. This quality helps the beans hold up through the processing, roasting, and brewing process. Following the roasting process, Santa Lucia Coffee distributes to some of the greatest chefs, restaurateurs, caterers and coffee connoisseurs in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.