A grassroots story, founder William Gutierrez a Nicaraguan native was trading Agricultural products from Nicaragua with great success. Simultaneously Nicaragua which had earlier been facing US embargos was selling their best coffee in Europe. With the birth of the Specialty Coffee movement in the early 1990’s William and his restaurateur wife Jodi Lehr took this on twofold: William became one of the first importers of Nicaraguan Coffee to the US and they found a unique niche as they introduced Santa Lucia Estate Coffee in the hospitality setting. Inferior coffee was the norm and the need to improve quality was overwhelming.            

  Hyper local and one of Washington, DC’s original Specialty Coffee Companies sustainable Santa Lucia is a true family business. Jodi eventually joined William in partnership and over the years their sons Robert and Marco avoided summer camp and worked with them learning about beans, business and customer service. It’s hard to forget them out on the street personally delivering coffee at age 4 (as we still do today). Fast forward and Santa Lucia remains a boutique company selling coffee to restaurants, hotels and caterers while proudly tied to its original vision: local, passionate and hands on.