After so many years and incredible memories working with the our friends and colleagues in the D.C. community we’ve recognized the need to give back to the city and it's amazing people that have supported us as well as those back in Nicaragua. We support our farmers in Nicaragua and as many community organizations in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area as possible.

At the farm level where we source our beans we have always believed in our social responsibility to the farm with fair pricing and paying a premium to the grower. Giving back to the workers and their families who provides us with the beautiful premium coffee cherries which produce a great cup is something we are proud of and is a huge incentive in our world.

Civically we support the District of Columbia and it's surrounding states, Maryland and Virginia, and incredible suburbs that drink our coffee the most. Santa Lucia participates with many food related organizations and at many charity fundraisers throughout the year. Stop by one of these great chef driven events we participate in, sample a cup, and say hello!