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3 Pound Coffee Sampler

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Great for anyone who has not had the chance to try Santa Lucia before and is looking to find the best roast for your palate. This 3 lb. sampler includes our premium Nicaraguan light, medium and dark roasts: Classic, Vienna and 2014 Roast coffee.

2014 Roast - Our adaptation of French roast is artfully roasted using a unique deep dark bold roasting profile to compliment the beans unique characteristics. This creates a deep rich and robust taste full of smooth mellow chocolatey undertones. Perfect for the coffee aficionado or someone who enjoys a great full bodied cup of coffee.

Classic Roast- Our lightest roast delivers a full flavored medium bodied coffee highlighted by it’s brightness and earthiness. Producing a subtle yet spicy taste with a sweet chocolate finish. This is perfect for those looking for a bright yet low acidic cup of coffee in the morning to give that much needed burst of caffeine to get the day going.

Vienna Roast - Our darker roast produces a full bodied cup of coffee with an oily deep dark chocolate finish. This darker profile releases a smooth yet non-bitter finish as it flows down your palate. A favorite among many of the finest dining establishments in the D.C. area this roast is everything you would look for on a special night out.

All our coffee is shade grown, hand washed and patio dried from the top 25% of beans of small family owned farms in the high altitude mountains of Nicaragua.