William Gutierrez

The founder of Santa Lucia Estate Coffee, Nicaraguan native William Gutierrez came to the US to live the American dream. Already active in Agro Trade, the Specialty Coffee industry arose in the early 90’s and the beautiful coffee cherries of Nicaragua were unknown in the US. William saw a niche of changing coffee palettes in the restaurant setting and began to introduce this premium product to the hospitality industry through the DC region and nationwide. Bean by bean, he knocked on doors of chefs and managers that cared, and made them think about the coffee they served and grew the Santa Lucia brand.

Twenty eight years later and no less passionate, William still believes in the coffee of Nicaragua and the quality cup it represents. He’s grateful for all of the people the industry has brought into his life and thrilled to watch the family business become what it is today. Family and travel are the pillars of William’s life. An avid traveler to unique destinations around the globe, there are always more checks on William's bucket list. His favorite travel companions are his wife Jodi, and sons Robert and Marco.

Jodi Lehr 

A long standing and enthusiastic member of Washington DC's hospitality community, Jodi’s professional passion has always been promoting food, beverage, entertainment, and the Nation’s Capital!

Joining husband William Gutierrez and working with Santa Lucia, one of Washington DC’s original sustainable coffee companies, Jodi has loved becoming an integral part of the family business. Since 1994, Santa Lucia has challenged restaurants and hospitality centers to improve the coffee they serve by offering Nicaragua’s finest high mountain beans and DC's most premium coffee.


2020 and the pandemic brought new challenges and opportunities to Santa Lucia. The new normal forced Santa Lucia to join the e-commerce world as they brought their coffee directly to the homes of restaurant patrons and families. Now families can enjoy premium coffee together in their own homes, just like our own Gutierrez family does.

Prior to Santa Lucia, Jodi worked on the other side of the industry most notably with acclaimed Chef Roberto Donna for 13 years building his Italian restaurant group during the formative years of the celebrity chef driven Restaurant industry. Addition, Jodi coordinated great parties and fabulous events as one of the first chefs Assistant in Washington DC. There were also stints as the Marketing Director of the former DC post office, Nightclub Promoter, and Corporate Event planner in San Francisco, CA.

Great people, travel, food, and wine have keep Jodi going although her greatest passion is her family…highlighted by her partner in crime William, and two sons Robert and Marco.