Our passion begins in NICARAGUA, the home of Santa Lucia’s Single Origin, Farm Direct Coffee. Our beans come from only one region of one country of origin. Yet, Santa Lucia is a uniquely integrated Direct Trade program known for its distinct quality and exceptional cup.  Without any middleman we have kept out one level of distribution and it has allowed us keep costs lower and offer our premium product at a more affordable price. This must be working ingredients: Santa Lucia Estate Coffee, one of Washington’s original sustainable coffee companies begins the celebration of its 20th year!

We believe in the country of Nicaragua and the amazing, consistent Arabica coffee bean it has provided us year after year. As Importers we work hands on to source our product from small family owned farms in the beautiful high mountains of Nicaragua’s Jinotega region. With elevations of over 3000 feet this makes for perfect coffee growth and harvesting. WHY? High altitudes and this unique location and microclimate cultivate beautiful red coffee cherries from birth. The climate of the rain forest provides shade necessary to nurture cherries slowly allowing them to develop consistently. The soil of these mountain climates are rich in minerals to generate the same amazing crops year after year. At the end of the coffee harvest a denser bean is produced, which roasted properly translates into a richer cup of coffee.

With traceability and above market price to the farmer, these beautiful shade grown and hand washed, sorted and patio dried coffee gems travel to be roasted in the US. We will only use the top 20-25% beans from small farmer’s limited lots of production. Beans are selected by their size, equal shape and humidity and hold up best for processing, small batch roasting and the final brewing process. Hands on distribution is to some of the greatest Chefs and Restaurateurs we know: people and organizations that care about drinking and serving a great cup of coffee! These are the key reasons we believe our coffee product is better than most and what makes our company so passionate about what we provide


Acclaimed by Wine Spectator for our “rich earthy chocolateness balanced by good acidity”. Our Specialty grade 100% Arabica Coffee speaks for itself in the cup with its great aroma, pure flavor, body and delicate tones

We offer our premium product in a number of different formats to meet your needs. We can assist you in creating the perfect coffee program for you by using either whole bean or fresh packed preground formats. Ground formats include 1 ounce used mostly for French press systmes, 3 ounce, 5 ounce, 10 ounce and 16 ounce coffee for systems that range from small brewers to large urn brewers.Our beans are sold in 4 pound bags for whole sale and 1 pound formats in our online retail store.

We also offer an amazing espresso program offering fresh regular and decaf beans as well as a complete POD program consisting of regular single PODs, regular double PODs and decaf single PODs.

With subtle difference that are shown in the cup all our beans remain the same, Single Origin Nicaraguan.  As with all Central American beans, they are Medium Bodied in Character and differentiated by their specific roasts. Our roast profiles have been painstakingly crafted to bring out our coffee's best taste as well as aroma.

Classic Roast
A medium roast which is subtle and spicy with delicious chocolaty finish
 Vienna Roast
A darker roast which leaves a chocolate aroma, earthiness and sweet clean coffee finish
Santa Lucia 2014 Roast
Deeper and more intense but with subtle mellow undertones and smoothness

Washington Blend
Santa Lucia beans with Indonesian Sumatra-earthy and bright

Santa Lucia Estate Decaf
A flavorful medium roast decaf using a fresh mountain water process



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